We Are Toads

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We are Toads

We play Foosball and Towerfall

We are Spies and Resistance

We are parents and partners

We are he and she and they

We are bootcamp graduates and hold CS degrees

We are drinkers of coffee and kombucha, LaCroix and IPAs

We have fundamental disagreements about who the best Star Trek captain is

We listen to metal and crowd-source sad song playlists

We ask questions and contribute knowledge

We fist-bump, high-five, and hug

We /giphy and /collapse

We emoji our faces

We are introverted and social

We are readers and writers and hikers

We skateboard and skydive and ride our bikes

We enjoy learning new things

We have sit-up contests and run marathons together

We celebrate everyone’s successes

We swarm on troubleshooting code

We collaborate and mentor

We share our voices for positive change

We all clean the kitchen

We respect each other

We empathize and listen

We are a community

We are family, friends, and coworkers

We are Toads

Written on November 15, 2016