I believe that compassion and curiosity are the driving forces of quality and leadership. The hiker’s mindset “leave it better than you found it” inspires my approach at work - whether it’s people, processes, or the organization as a whole. I enjoy my job the most when I get to take on challenges that allow me to learn and grow, and when I’m supporting people and teams to do their best work.

If you’d like to know more about some of the approaches I take as a manager, please read through my Manager README! If you’re interested in some of the resources I find valuable and continue to learn from, please check out my Resources page.

You can check out my resume and career on LinkedIn, and find me tweeting about various topics at @AngelaRiggs_.

People ♥ working with me!

"In my time with Angela I consistently saw her prioritize truth, support, and equity over preserving ego and status. She was always working to create safe, honest environments that give everyone and the organization a chance to excel."

~ Violet Peña, Associate Technical Director @ Instrument

"Angela came in with an open mind as well as a point-of-view -- this made it so that she was empathetic to our current processes but observed how her expertise could influence the work and make it better. Her presence, hard work, and smart thinking helped us deliver a better client deliverable and user experience."

~ Kristen Conner, Associate Executive Director @ Instrument

"The dev discipline benefitted immensely from having an internal QA team led by such a thoughtful, detail-oriented, and thorough person like Angela. "

~ Hannah Cin, Senior Developer @ Instrument

"Angela is one of the most professional and empathetic individuals I've had the opportunity to work with in the tech space."

~ Eric Mann, Director of Engineering @ Vacasa

"Angela is by far one of the most skilled QA engineers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She consistently achieves results not only through her own productivity but by lifting others up and empowering those around her."

~ Scott Ogle, Software Engineer Team Lead @ Vacasa

"Angela is one of the most impressive people I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with in my career. I have had the privilege of watching Angela grow from a Developer Intern to a QA Engineer and not only grow into the role but set the pace, standards and vision for what QA looks like in the organization."

~ Rich Staats, Cloud Engineer @ Metal Toad

"She cares deeply about craft and is fearless in pushing back when she knows we're not living up to our own standards. On top of her raw skill and passion, Angela has a heart unlike anyone I've ever worked with."

~ Arthur Lender, Project Manager @ Metal Toad

"Angela brings joy, intelligence, and laughter to Metal Toad. She is a community builder and cultural leader."

~ Nate Rupert, Marketing Manager @ Metal Toad