Reading Roundup No. 1

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While avoiding my other in-progress blog post, I decided that it would be fun to do a “reading roundup” of various articles, panels, conference talks etc that I think are interesting or useful (it’ll also be good for keeping me accountable to my ever-growing reading list)! These roundups will mostly be tech-related, but I reserve the right to throw in some curveballs every now and then 😄

  • Many of us - myself included - are feeling the effects of burnout. Active Voice has added another date for their Reflect, Reset, Rebound leadership workshop on September 15! I’ve signed up and am definitely looking forward to learning how to support both myself and my team through this time.

  • Lena Wiberg has just published her book, Would Heu-Risk It!!! She started this risk-based testing approach with a workshop and then expanded that into an interactive card deck. I’m super excited for this iteration - you can buy the e-book on Leanpub or a physical copy from Amazon!

  • I liked this intro to Practices of Future Engineering Leaders. I think it’s a good starting guide for getting people to think about what it means to be a leader and where you can start focusing in order to build those skills.

  • I always appreciate seeing how Camille Fournier thinks about things, and her article on senior engineering skills is no exception!

  • This article on affirming people who use multiple pronouns was super useful to read. One of the things that we (cis people) need to continue working on is our understanding and acceptance that people’s identities do not fit neatly into single categories, and there is not a single set of definitions that apply consistently to everyone.

Written on August 18, 2021