Resources for Self-Education and Allyship

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I’m seeing a lot of non-Black folks seeking ways to support their Black friends and coworkers, to advocate against racism and police brutality and the systems of oppression that are becoming harder for people with inherent privilege to ignore.

I’m also seeing a lot of great resources out there for self-education and allyship, so I thought I’d compile some of them into one place. This is intended to be a living article, so I’ll update it as I continue to learn and engage.

If you have resources for any category that you would like me to include, please drop by Twitter to DM me or send me a tweet at @AngelaRiggs_. If it’s a resource that someone else created, please make sure to include the appropriate way to credit them!

Effective advocacy & support

Educate yourself

Note: As Kimberly Bryant pointed out, donating isn’t just about the immediate needs of bail funds - it’s about funding grassroots organizations that are working for systemic and community changes.


Written on June 1, 2020