As a QA Engineer, my role is at the intersection of Testing, DevOps, Architect, and Scrum Master. I approach my work with determination and a positive energy, holding myself and my team to a high standard. I have an enthusiasm for learning and advancing, and appreciate that my field calls on my curiosity and attention to detail. I understand the importance of acknowledging and balancing competing needs to ensure individual, team, and project success.

I believe in people over process, but also enjoy creating useful foundational processes that promote clear understandings around development workflow. I take pride in both my technical and interpersonal skills, and work hard to be a leader who offers empathy, support, and thoughtful problem-solving to my team and my company.

Outside of work, I love discovering new sci-fi books, enthusiastic karaoke nights (Motown Philly is one of my top three go-to songs), and serious debates on what exactly can be defined as a sandwich.

Contact me

Email: riggs.ang@gmail.com