I support quality. Whether it’s the product, my engineering teams, or the organization as a whole, understanding and creating quality is my passion. As a QA engineer, I’m often presented with challenges from a variety of perspectives, and I enjoy helping people figure out the best solutions. My role is a unique blend of supportive and leadership positions, and I approach my work with empathy, curiosity, and a positive energy. Each day, I focus on making sure our users, my team, and our company have what they need in order to succeed.

My role at Vacasa involves testing, quality assurance, and release management for the Guest Experience team, which owns Trip Manager and Guest Transactional Emails. My responsibilities include:

  • Introducing automation through a suite of regression tests as we launch new features and transition from PHP to React
  • mproving team processes to create better workflows and shared understandings of the work being done
  • Leading the creation of feature documentation for our in-house Customer Experience team
  • Acceptance testing new features to help ensure we’re building the right things the right way

Outside of work, I love discovering new books, enthusiastic karaoke nights, and serious debates on what exactly can be defined as a sandwich.